The Fermi Paradox: Why Haven't We Encountered Intelligent Extraterrestrial Life?

TLDR Physicist Enrico Fermi posed the question of why, if there are so many intelligent civilizations in the universe, we haven't encountered them yet. Various theories attempt to explain this paradox, including the possibility of interstellar spaceflight being impossible, civilizations destroying themselves, or the existence of a "Great Filter" that holds back most planets or civilizations.

Timestamped Summary

00:00 Physicist Enrico Fermi questioned the existence of intelligent extraterrestrial life by asking why, if there are so many intelligent civilizations, we haven't encountered them.
01:29 The Fermi Paradox is not actually a paradox, but rather an unanswered question that was first asked by Enrico Fermi in a conversation with other physicists in 1950.
02:55 If aliens exist, based on the number of stars and planets in the universe, they should have already colonized the entire galaxy by now.
04:19 There are various theories that attempt to explain the Fermi Paradox, including the possibility that interstellar spaceflight is not possible and that advanced civilizations destroy themselves before they can communicate with others.
05:37 The Great Filter suggests that there is something that holds most planets or civilizations back, whether it be the creation of complex life or something in our future that we haven't figured out yet.
07:00 Possible explanations for the Fermi Paradox include the idea that there may be a technology we haven't discovered yet, aliens may have visited Earth in the past or will visit in the future, we may be the first civilization to arise, we haven't been looking long enough or in the right places, everyone is listening but no one is broadcasting, or there may be conspiratorial reasons for the lack of contact.
08:18 Enrico Fermi himself believed that the reason we haven't been visited by aliens might be because interstellar flight is impossible, not worth the effort, or technological civilizations don't last long enough for it to happen.
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