The Evolution and Popularity of Chess Throughout History

TLDR Chess, originating in India as Chaturanga, has evolved and spread across the world, becoming one of the oldest and most popular cybersports. It has undergone modifications, established rules, and gained popularity through the internet, while still continuing to innovate.

Timestamped Summary

00:00 Chess, which originated in India as a game called Chaturanga, is one of the oldest and most popular cybersports in the world, with a global presence and the ability to be mastered by children.
02:11 Chess, originally known as Chaturanga, spread both east and west from India, evolving into different variants such as Shogi in Japan, Shanqi in China, Makruk in Thailand, and Zhangji in Korea, before eventually reaching Persia and Arabia where it became known as Chaturang or Chaturangu and underwent further changes.
03:53 Chess spread to Europe through various channels, including the Byzantine Empire, Arab traders, and the Moorish Conquest, and underwent modifications to become the game we recognize today, with alternating colored squares, a queen replacing the vizier, and a bishop replacing the elephant.
05:32 Chess rules were established and written about, chess clubs and tournaments became more formalized, time limits were added with the creation of chess clocks, and the first chess prodigies emerged in the 19th century, including Paul Morphy and William Steinitz.
07:24 Chess in the 20th century became more advanced with the development of recording games, the establishment of the International Chess Federation, and the creation of the ELO rating system.
09:03 Chess variants like Fisher Random Chess and Speed Chess have gained popularity as a solution to the problem of stalemates caused by top players relying heavily on computer analysis and opening memorization.
10:46 Chess has experienced a resurgence in popularity, thanks to the internet, with top players making themselves more accessible through chess websites and streaming channels, and despite its ancient origins, innovation in the game continues to occur.
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