The Enigmatic Life of Rasputin: Holy Man or Fraud?

TLDR Rasputin, a holy man with a humble background, became connected with the Russian royal family and was seen as the soul of Russia. Despite rumors and conspiracy theories, his influence over Nicholas and Alexandra was innocent and childlike, ultimately failing to rescue the monarchy.

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00:00 In the summer of 1914, Rasputin wrote a letter to Nicholas II, warning him about the impending ruin of war and the destruction of Russia.
06:07 Rasputin, born in 1869 in Siberia, comes from a humble background and has a reputation as a holy man, but there is much debate about whether he is genuine or a fraud.
11:06 Rasputin goes on a pilgrimage and becomes a holy man, but there is debate about whether he was a heretic or a conventional religious figure.
15:50 Rasputin's behavior is not as extreme as other figures of the time, and he is seen as a kind-hearted man of God by those who knew him.
20:56 Rasputin becomes connected with the royal family in St. Petersburg, particularly Nicholas and Alexandra, who see him as the soul of Russia and hope that he can strengthen Nicholas's leadership.
25:58 Rasputin is seen as a walking embodiment of the idea that true Christianity is found in the poverty and soil of the peasant lands, but rumors begin to circulate about him being inappropriate with women.
31:22 Rumors of Rasputin being the lover of the Russian Queen, Alexandra, circulated during his time, but there is no evidence to support this claim and it is completely untrue.
36:08 Rasputin becomes a focus of international and internal Russian conspiracy theories, but his relationship with Nicholas and Alexandra is actually innocent and childlike, with the key incident being when Alexandra writes to Rasputin for help when their son is seriously ill and his words, whether a placebo or miracle, calm her and their son recovers.
41:12 Rasputin's influence over Nicholas and Alexandra is questioned, but he does have a calming effect on them and they enjoy his company, discussing topics like God and nature, which makes their relationship tragic in a way; Rasputin warns Nicholas not to go to war, but his influence is limited and Nicholas ultimately makes the decision to go to war and take command of the army, which further solidifies Rasputin and Alexandra's relationship.
45:55 Rasputin's critics attempt to kill him by poisoning him with cyanide-laced cakes and poison Medeira, but when that fails, they shoot him three times and bury his body, only for Rasputin to momentarily come back to life and attack one of his attackers.
51:09 Rasputin's body is pulled out of the river after being shot three times, devastating Nicholas and Alexandra, but ultimately failing to rescue the monarchy.
56:09 Rasputin's story is fascinating both in itself and from a historiographical perspective, with conflicting views on his character and actions.
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