The Conquests and Ambitions of Alexander the Great

TLDR Alexander the Great, one of history's most captivating figures, embarks on a journey to conquer vast territories, unite the Greek city states, and claim the ultimate prize of the Persian Empire. Along the way, he defeats various tribes, revolting Thebans, and even consults an Oracle, all while displaying his brilliance as a politician and military strategist.

Timestamped Summary

00:00 This episode is about Alexander the Great, who is considered one of the greatest figures in history.
05:40 Alexander the Great's story is considered one of the most exciting and captivating in history, as he conquers vast territories, leads his men on an incredible journey, and becomes king of kings.
10:16 Alexander the Great is not just a hero or a monster, but a brilliantly inventive and creative politician who becomes one of the greatest generals in history, taking on the appearance and rituals of a Persian king without actually taking on the title.
14:54 Alexander the Great's plan is to unite the Greek city states and then attack the wealthy Greek-speaking cities of the Persian Empire, with some Greeks supporting him and others seeing him as a scam artist.
19:40 Alexander the Great's youth is marked by his taming of the horse Buccephalus and his role in the battle at Chironea, where his father Philip defeats the Thebans and Athens, leading to Alexander being sent as an emissary to Athens and a meeting in Corinth where Philip plans to unite the Greeks and attack Persia, but is ultimately assassinated before he can carry out his plan.
24:34 Alexander becomes king after his father's assassination, and at 20 years old, he begins his conquests by defeating various tribes and revolting Thebans, seeking advice from an Oracle along the way.
29:17 Alexander and his officers initially embark on their conquests with the intention of stealing various cities under Persian rule, but as they continue to win battles and see the tantalizing prize in front of them, their ambition grows and they become determined to claim the ultimate prize.
34:37 Alexander the Great defeats the Persians at the Battle of the River Granicus and continues his conquest, cutting the Gordium knot along the way.
39:02 Alexander the Great builds a causeway to lay siege to the island city of Tyre, and after a lengthy and bloody siege, he crucifies the inhabitants as a warning to other cities.
43:48 Alexander the Great invades Egypt, which is rich and rebellious against Persian rule, and he goes on a bizarre trip across the desert to the Oracle at Siwa, where he believes he will be favored by Amun, the Greek equivalent of Zeus, and where he also finds the site for the future city of Alexandria.
48:39 Alexander the Great and his companions journey across the desert to find the Oasis, guided by talking snakes, and Alexander consults the Oracle of Ammon, where he may have been told that he is the son of Zeus.
53:57 The episode concludes with Alexander and his companions in Egypt, where he may believe he is a hero with divine qualities, and the next episode will reveal what happens next.
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