The Complex Relationship Between the Nubian Civilization and Ancient Egypt

TLDR The Nubian civilization and the Kingdom of Kush had a complex relationship with ancient Egypt, ranging from being enemies to trade partners and subjects. Despite being one of the oldest civilizations in the world, the Nubians faced challenges such as conflicts, conquests, and the threat of cultural destruction.

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00:00 The Nubian civilization and the Kingdom of Kush were major civilizations that existed on the Nile River, south of Egypt, and had a complex relationship with Egypt as enemies, trade partners, overlords, and subjects.
01:57 The Nubians were a civilization that arose along the upper Nile River, similar to Egypt but with its own distinct culture, and they were one of the oldest civilizations in the world.
03:44 Before the rise of dynastic Egypt, it's difficult to determine where Egypt ends and Nubia begins, as both regions were settled by nomadic people who began building megalithic structures, such as the stone circle in the Nubian desert, which is 2,000 years older than Stonehenge, and archaeological data shows that the people in Upper Egypt were related to those from East Africa, while along the Nile, Egypt developed into two kingdoms, Upper and Lower Egypt, and the Kerma Kingdom arose in Upper Nubia, with the city of Kerma being the largest city along the Nile south of the cataracts at that time.
05:24 There was evidence of trade and cultural contact between Kerma and Upper Egypt, with Nubians having distinct traditions and serving in the Egyptian army, but there were also periods of conflict between the two civilizations.
06:59 After being part of the Egyptian empire for close to 500 years, Nubia broke away from Egypt and formed the new kingdom of Kush, which blended Egyptian and Nubian customs and established a strong centralized royal system based on the Egyptian model, eventually leading to the Nubian conquest of Egypt and the end of domestic rule for Egyptians for centuries.
08:52 The Kingdom of Kush continued to exist as a kingdom until the 4th century, during which time they revived pyramid building and had a large collection of temples and over 200 pyramids in their capital city of Marawi, and after the conflict with Rome in the late 1st century BC, the region followed a path similar to Egypt with the spread of Christianity and Islam.
10:29 The Nubian heartland was divided by the British boundary between Egypt and Sudan, and the construction of the Aswan High Dam and Lake Nasser has threatened the Nubian language and destroyed much of their traditional area, but the Nubian civilization and the Kingdom of Kush should be recognized as one of the greatest civilizations in Africa and the world.
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