History and Traditions of the Presidential Inauguration in the United States

TLDR The podcast explores the history and traditions of the presidential inauguration in the United States, including the date changes, the use of Bibles during the oath, mistakes made by presidents, and the evolution of the ceremony over the years.

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00:00 The podcast discusses the history and traditions of the presidential inauguration in the United States.
01:21 Inauguration Day is the day the President of the United States takes the Oath of Office and begins a new presidential term, and historically it used to fall on March 4th.
02:36 The first presidential inauguration took place on April 30th, 1789 in New York City, on the balcony of Federal Hall on Wall Street, and several traditions started with George Washington, including putting his hand on a Bible when taking the oath of office.
03:49 Several presidents have used the Washington Bible during their inaugurations, but there is no requirement to use a Bible and some presidents have used other books or nothing at all; there have also been cases of presidents flubbing the oath.
05:01 Presidents have made mistakes during their oaths, given inaugural addresses to Congress instead of the public, and the longest inaugural address was given by William Henry Harrison.
06:16 The 20th Amendment changed the inauguration date to January 20th, and there have been various traditions and changes in the ceremony since then, including the first televised inauguration in 1949.
07:23 There have been 59 presidential inaugurations over a period of 232 years, each with its own unique traditions, including the first First Lady to have an active role in the inauguration in 1965 and an interfaith prayer service that started in 1985.
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