The Battle of Cable Street: A Historic Event in the Fight Against British Fascism

TLDR The Battle of Cable Street was a significant event where various groups united to prevent Oswald Mosley's Union of British Fascists from marching through a Jewish neighborhood in the East End of London. Although it did not permanently stop the fascists, it helped stigmatize and decrease the popularity of fascism in Britain.

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00:00 The Battle of Cable Street was a historic event in which diverse community organizations, trade unions, and left-wing groups came together to stop Oswald Mosley's Union of British Fascists from marching through a Jewish neighborhood in the East End, as described by Jeremy Corbyn in the Morning Star.
04:17 British fascism in the 20s and 30s is often misunderstood, with the 20s being a difficult decade of high unemployment and the 30s actually experiencing a housing boom and industrial developments, leading to a sense of prosperity in certain regions, while Oswald Mosley's British Union of Fascists faced challenges due to the cultural and political differences between Germany and Britain.
08:22 The British Union of Fascists targeted chain stores and Jewish-owned businesses, tapping into anti-Semitism and resentment towards new developments in recent decades.
12:14 In the early 1930s, Oswald Mosley opportunistically takes up anti-Semitism as an issue in the fascist movement, influenced by Hitler and the influx of anti-Semites, and begins to campaign on the idea that Jewish neighbors are taking jobs and controlling the economy.
16:23 In the Battle of Cable Street, the anti-fascist group fought against the police, not the fascists themselves, in order to block Oswald Mosley's march through the East End of London.
20:22 The Battle of Cable Street did not stop the fascists in the long term, as it actually emboldened them and led to an increase in British Union of Fascists meetings and anti-Semitic violence in London.
24:00 The Battle of Cable Street helped to further stigmatize and toxify fascism in Britain, leading to a decrease in its popularity and support.
28:21 As the storm clouds of war gather, the British Union of Fascists hammers home the anti-war issue and gains support, appealing to various constituencies including anti-war activists, environmentalists, and nationalists.
32:37 In 1939, the British Union of Fascists gains some respectability by focusing on peace and opposition to war, but they are still seen as a poisonous party due to their violence, anti-Semitism, and black shirts.
36:39 In the final episode, the hosts will focus on the Mitford family, particularly Oswald Mosley's wife and sister-in-law, who had close relationships with Hitler, and explore the impact of British fascism during and after the war.
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