Unity Mitford: The British Fascist Who Fascinated Hitler

TLDR Unity Mitford, one of the Mitford sisters, became infatuated with fascism and aligned herself with Hitler, serving as a conduit between Nazi Germany and the British Union of Fascists. Despite her family's growing sympathy towards fascism, Unity's obsession with Hitler ultimately led to her downfall, leaving her permanently disabled and mentally impaired.

Timestamped Summary

00:00 Unity Mitford, a British fascist, had a close relationship with Hitler and had meetings with him over 140 times, making her one of the most well-known British fascists and an intriguing figure in history.
04:59 Unity Mitford, one of the Mitford sisters, had a fascinating family background that included connections to Richard Wagner, Houston Stuart Chamberlain, and Clementine Churchill, and she was known for her strong interest in Nazism.
09:47 Unity Mitford becomes a source of stress for her family, gets expelled from school multiple times, and becomes infatuated with her sister Diana's glamorous lifestyle, leading her to join the upper-class debutante scene in 1932.
14:28 Unity Mitford becomes infatuated with fascism and joins the upper-class debutante scene, but quickly becomes bored with selling fascist magazines and sets her sights on meeting Hitler.
19:07 Unity Mitford becomes infatuated with fascism, goes to Munich to meet Hitler, and becomes an object of fascination to the SS officers, ultimately aligning herself with the darkest aspects of Nazism.
23:34 Unity Mitford aligns herself with the anti-Semitic views of the British Union of Fascists and becomes a broker between Nazi Germany and the British Union of Fascists, gaining credibility with Hitler and becoming part of his inner circle.
28:01 Unity Mitford's relaxed and indiscreet nature allows her to charm Hitler and become part of his inner circle, while also serving as a conduit for communication between Hitler and upper-class circles in Britain.
32:21 The Mitford family, with the exception of Nancy and Jessica, are fascinated by Germany and become sympathetic to fascism and Nazism, with Unity introducing various family members to Hitler, including her parents, who become devoted supporters of Hitler and openly write in favor of him.
36:41 Unity Mitford, despite the growing tension between Britain and Germany, remains committed to Hitler and attempts suicide twice before being sent back to England with special treatment.
40:55 Unity Mitford is left permanently disabled and mentally impaired after attempting suicide on the day Britain declares war on Germany, and she later dies from meningitis, sparking theories that she may have been carrying Hitler's child.
45:12 Lady Mosley denies the Holocaust on a BBC radio interview show, and Oswald Mosley's life after prison is marked by failed political endeavors and association with far-right movements.
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