The Amazon River: A Natural Wonder of Size and Biodiversity

TLDR The Amazon River is the largest river in the world, known for its massive volume of water, length, and width. It is home to a diverse range of animal species and uncontacted tribes, and also experiences unique natural phenomena like the Pororoca wave.

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00:00 The Amazon River is the largest river in the world, accounting for 20% of the world's fresh water that flows into the ocean, and it has a significantly greater volume of water than the next seven largest rivers combined.
02:22 The Amazon River can be considered the world's longest river, with a length of approximately 6,500 km or 4,000 miles, and it is also the widest river in the world, with a width that can more than double during the wet season.
04:34 The Amazon River is so big and different from other rivers because of its location within the tropics, the presence of the Andes Mountains as a barrier to moisture, and the elevated escarpments that create a bowl-like shape for the entire Amazon basin.
06:40 The Amazon rainforest is home to a vast amount of biodiversity, including one-third of all animal species in the world, and is known for notable species such as the Amazon River Dolphin, Giant Otter, Green Anaconda, and Piranha.
08:37 The Amazon is home to the largest number of uncontacted tribes in the world, with 67 uncontacted tribes just in Brazil, and researchers have discovered ancient settlements in the region that suggest early inhabitants shaped the rainforest to their benefit.
10:33 The Amazon basin is not an attractive place for people to live due to poor soil for farming, difficulty in clearing land, lack of roads and bridges, low population density, and limited economic impact, but it does experience a natural phenomenon called a Pororoca where water can flow into the Amazon from the Atlantic Ocean.
12:38 Surfing the Pororoca wave, which can travel up to 800 kilometers upstream, has become popular and there is an annual competition to see who can surf the wave the longest.
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