The Impact of the Lisbon Earthquake on Portugal and Brazil

TLDR The Lisbon earthquake of 1755 led to the rebuilding of Lisbon on Enlightenment principles by the Marquis de Pombal, but his skepticism of the Catholic Church eventually led to his downfall. The earthquake also resulted in the Portuguese royal family fleeing to Brazil, which eventually led to Brazil's elevation to a kingdom and Portugal's reliance on Brazil for profits.

Timestamped Summary

00:00 Portugal regains its independence and becomes an opulent capital before being devastated by the Lisbon earthquake in 1755.
05:00 The Dutch Portuguese War, also known as the First World War, was fought over Portuguese colonies and trade links, lasting for 60 years and leading to a sense of insurrection in Portugal.
09:46 Catherine of Braganza, the queen of England, has a connection to Donald Trump and Spiderman, and her dowry included the city of Bombay, which became Mumbai, leading to an alliance between England and Portugal with global ramifications.
14:35 The discovery of gold and the influx of people to Brazil in the 18th century led to Portugal's reliance on Brazil for profits, causing a decline in Portugal's own domestic development and a sense of growing backwardness.
19:10 The Marquis de Pombal, despite his brutal tactics, implemented Enlightenment ideals in Portugal, including attacking the nobility, abolishing the Inquisition, and ending racial discrimination against Jews, but he did not abolish slavery in the colonies, where Portugal shipped four to five million slaves to the New World, primarily to Brazil.
24:05 The Marquis de Pombal used the opportunity of the Lisbon earthquake to rebuild the city on Enlightenment principles, but he eventually falls from power due to his skepticism of the Catholic Church.
28:23 Portugal is in a crisis in the early 19th century, economically and threatened by Napoleon, forcing them to choose between France and Britain, with their alliance to Britain being crucial due to their links to Brazil.
33:33 The Portuguese royal family, along with thousands of people, flee to Brazil, enduring a chaotic and uncomfortable journey.
37:59 The Portuguese royal family arrives in Brazil, experiencing a culture shock and witnessing the influx of British products, while back in Portugal, Arthur Wellesley (later known as the Duke of Wellington) successfully defends against the French and secures Lisbon.
42:39 The Portuguese royal family moves to Brazil and elevates Brazil to a kingdom, causing a sense of loss and depression in Portugal, leading to demands for the return of the king and the swearing of a constitution.
47:10 Portugal agrees to recognize Brazilian independence in exchange for the British demanding the end of slave trafficking, although Brazil does not fully comply with the agreement until 1888.
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