Operation London Bridge: The Plan for the Death of Queen Elizabeth II

TLDR Operation London Bridge is the pre-planned series of events that will occur upon the death of Queen Elizabeth II, including the transfer of authority to the Prince of Wales, tightly managed funerals, and contingencies for different locations. The plan involves notifying the Prime Minister's office, governments of countries where the Queen is the head of state, and the press, as well as following various ceremonies and protocols such as placing a black trim notice at Buckingham Palace and closing the stock market and banks.

Timestamped Summary

00:00 The death of Queen Elizabeth II will trigger a pre-planned series of events known as Operation London Bridge, which will transfer the British Monarchy to a new monarch.
02:19 Operation London Bridge is the plan in place for the death of Queen Elizabeth II, which includes tightly managed funerals and transfer of authority, as well as contingencies for different locations of her passing.
03:55 Once the Queen has passed away, the Prince of Wales immediately assumes the throne and the news is first conveyed to the Prime Minister's office and then to the governments of the countries where the Queen is the head of state, followed by notifying the press and preparing for a shift in programming and coverage.
05:22 The announcement of the Queen's passing will be made by the BBC using similar wording to the announcement of King George VI's passing in 1952, and various ceremonies and protocols will be followed, including the placement of a black trim notice at Buckingham Palace, buildings entering morning mode, and the closure of the stock market and banks.
06:50 After the Ascension Council proclaims the new monarch and the new king takes an oath and makes his first public address, preparations for the funeral will begin, including cleaning Westminster Abbey, minting new coins and issuing new currency, and preparing stamps with the new king's likeness.
08:19 The funeral for Queen Elizabeth will be held at Westminster Abbey, with preparations already underway and an estimated 2,000 people in attendance and billions watching.
09:43 After the funeral, the new king will have his coronation ceremony, with Charles potentially adopting the name King George VII, and William will have an investiture ceremony to become the new Prince of Wales.
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