The Remarkable Case of Phineas Gage: A Survivor of a Horrific Brain Injury

TLDR Phineas Gage, a railroad worker, miraculously survived a brain injury in 1848 when an iron rod went through his head. His personality drastically changed after the accident, but he eventually recovered and became a case study for neuroscientists.

Timestamped Summary

00:00 Phineas Gage survived a horrific brain injury and became a case study for neuroscientists.
01:57 Phineas Gage was an experienced and skilled blasting foreman working for the Rutland and Burlington Railroad in 1848 when he experienced a life-changing event.
03:31 Phineas Gage survived after a three-foot long iron rod went through his head, destroying part of his brain.
05:15 Phineas Gage survived the accident and was conscious throughout, despite experiencing convulsions and vomiting brain matter, and although his condition initially worsened, he eventually began to recover.
06:50 Phineas Gage's personality drastically changed after the accident, with his doctor noting that he became irreverent, profane, and impulsive, displaying little deference for others and exhibiting both obstinacy and capriciousness.
08:26 Phineas Gage's personality changes mostly vanished during the eight years he spent working as a stagecoach driver in Chile, which is often overlooked by those who study his case.
09:59 Phineas Gage suffered from severe epileptic seizures and died at the age of 36, with his death being linked to his accident; his case has been widely studied and his skull is on display at the Harvard Medical School's Warren Anatomical Museum.
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