Elizabeth Báthory: The Sadistic Serial Killer of Hungary

TLDR Elizabeth Báthory, a highly educated Hungarian noblewoman, carried out a reign of terror for 20 years, torturing and killing hundreds of young girls in her castle. Despite accusations and an investigation, she was only confined to her castle for the rest of her life, where she continued her sadistic acts.

Timestamped Summary

00:00 Elizabeth Báthory, a highly educated Hungarian noblewoman, was one of the most prolific and sadistic serial killers in world history.
01:49 Elizabeth Báthory was a highly educated, wealthy, and socially privileged woman who witnessed potential acts of torture and execution as a child, became pregnant at 13 and had an illegitimate child, and was married at 15 to a less intelligent husband who left her to manage affairs on her own.
03:14 Elizabeth Báthory began torturing and killing young girls, starting with poor peasants and eventually moving on to the daughters of the landed gentry, in a torture chamber inside her castle for her own amusement, using methods such as burning, freezing, and covering them in honey to attract ants and bees.
04:39 Elizabeth Báthory's torture and murder spree continued for years, during which she engaged in gruesome acts such as biting her victims, forcing them to eat their own flesh, and drinking or bathing in the blood of virgins, until rumors and accusations against her began to spread and an investigation was finally initiated by the Holy Roman Emperor Matthias II in 1610.
06:12 Elizabeth Báthory was arrested after over 300 witnesses testified against her, and although her accomplices were tortured, confessed, and executed, she was only confined to her castle for the rest of her life, where she had free reign, and she died in 1614 at the age of 54, with the exact location of her tomb remaining unknown.
07:39 Elizabeth Báthory's wealth and land holdings led to speculation that the accusations against her were part of an imperial plot to confiscate her assets, but the evidence found during her arrest and the subsequent distribution of her land and holdings after her death suggest otherwise.
09:07 Elizabeth Báthory's aristocratic title allowed her to carry out her sadistic reign of terror, killing hundreds of young girls over a span of 20 years.
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