Cortez's Conquest of Mexico: Challenges and Uncertainties

TLDR Cortez and his men face constant attacks, uncertain alliances, and cultural confusion as they embark on their expedition to conquer Mexico. They are astounded by the size and complexity of the civilization they encounter, and are unsure of their status as guests or prisoners in the heart of Tenochtitlan.

Timestamped Summary

00:00 Cortez rallies his men, emphasizing their reliance on their own strength and courage, and sets out to conquer the land or die trying, with Malinche by his side.
04:45 Cortez embarks on his expedition to conquer the land, facing unknown dangers and challenges, with a diverse group of Spanish conquistadors and native porters.
08:54 Cortes and his men face constant attacks from the Tlaxcalans, who are unsure of whether to ally with or fight against them, while Cortes uses ruthless tactics to demonstrate his power and convince them to join him.
13:05 Cortes and his men are welcomed by the Tlaxcalans in a festival-like atmosphere, where they are treated to feasts and given brides, and it is debated whether the Tlaxcalans are recruiting the Spaniards as allies or the other way around, but ultimately the Tlaxcalans hold the power in the exchange.
16:55 Cortes and his Tlaxcalan allies sack the city of Cholula, engaging in a brutal massacre, before continuing their journey towards the Valley of Mexico where they are astounded by the size and complexity of the civilization they encounter.
21:11 The Spanish are bewildered by the messages they receive from the Mexica, unsure if they are being deterred or encouraged, but are ultimately astounded by the size and beauty of the urban civilization they encounter in the Valley of Mexico.
25:36 The Spanish continue their journey towards the capital, encountering emissaries and crowds along the way, receiving mixed messages from the Mexica and facing curious stares from the locals, until they finally reach the city of Iztabalapan and set off towards the main gate of the capital.
29:40 Montezuma, the ruler of the Aztec Empire, is described as a formidable and impressive leader who has successfully expanded the empire's frontiers, crushed rebellions, and built the infrastructure of a state.
33:58 Montezuma welcomes Cortes to the city, gives him gifts, and acknowledges him as his overlord, surrendering his kingdom to him.
38:14 Cortez presents himself as a heroic defender of the Spanish king's cause by claiming that Montezuma has given the Spanish king his lands, and the Spanish are disoriented and struggling to make sense of everything in Nostra land.
42:41 The Spanish are now in the heart of Tenochtitlan, surrounded by people who don't speak their language, and they are unsure of their status as guests or prisoners.
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