Travel Adventures and Food Experiences Around the World

TLDR The host shares his travel adventures, including hiking to the dangerous Urtaale volcano in Ethiopia, and his most memorable food experiences on each continent, from a bean dish in Cairo to ice from Antarctica.

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00:00 A listener offers to sponsor the podcast for a million dollars, but the host declines because he needs to record the next installment of the questions and answers episode.
02:24 Switching from a Nikon to a Sony camera allowed the host to have more flexibility with lenses for travel photography, but since starting the podcast, the host hasn't used his camera at all.
04:39 The host supports Wisconsin teams, as well as teams in Chicago and the Twin Cities, and also follows Liverpool, Bill Bau, and the All Blacks in rugby; he has never encountered paranormal activity during his travels and doesn't believe in it, and the popularity of podcast episodes doesn't vary much, with older episodes being less listened to and more recent episodes being the most popular.
06:40 The host has been to the Philippines and plans to do episodes on topics such as Jose Rizal, The Siege of Manila, The History of Manila, and the Philippine American War; the most dangerous travel adventure experience he had was hiking to the Urtaale volcano in Ethiopia, where he experienced extreme heat and dehydration.
08:43 The host describes his dangerous experience hiking to the Urtaale volcano in Ethiopia, where they encountered noxious fumes and had to walk back in the dark without any preparation.
10:45 The host describes the most memorable food he ate on each continent, including a bean dish in Cairo, calcots in Catalonia, a Japanese dinner on Yakushima, Pusan crew in Tahiti, an Argentine asado, a Boucherie in Louisiana, and ice from Antarctica.
12:49 The host sometimes forgets the details of episodes he has already done, but can usually recall them once he sees the artwork or reads the introduction.
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