The Vikings' Role in the Birth of Kiev and Its Implications for the Ukraine-Russia Conflict

TLDR The Vikings played a significant role in the birth of Kiev, which later became the origin of Russia, Belarus, and Ukraine. Their travels to the East for wealth and resources, establishment of trading networks, adoption of Orthodox Christianity, and alliances with Byzantine empires shaped the region's history.

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00:00 The Vikings' role in the birth of Kiev and its implications for the current conflict between Ukraine and Russia are explored, with a focus on the controversial debate surrounding the cultural influence of the Vikings in the region.
06:12 The Vikings traveled east to the lands of the Caliphate and the Byzantine Empire for wealth and resources, including furs and slaves, with the journey starting in places like Gotland and Birka in Sweden.
12:10 The Vikings traveled east to establish trading stations along rivers, using their ships and slaves to navigate and carry their cargo, with Novgorod serving as a key trading hub connecting Scandinavia, the Black Sea, and the Caspian Sea.
18:02 The Vikings traveled further east along the Volga, encountering rapids and various nomadic groups such as the Pechenegs and the Khazars, who were a buffer between the Slavs and the Caliphate, with the Khazars converting to Judaism as a way to navigate between the rival Christian and Muslim empires.
24:07 The Vikings traveled to the heartland of the Islamic world, particularly Baghdad, to access the vast amounts of silver, which explains their campaigns in the West and their shift of focus when the silver mines in the East dried up.
30:22 The Vikings hold an unapologetically pagan funeral for their chief, which involves a massive festival, the sacrifice of a dog, and a girl who volunteers to accompany the chief to the afterlife.
36:17 The Vikings establish themselves in Novgorod and later move to Kiev, which becomes the origin of Russia, Belarus, and Ukraine.
43:03 The Vikings establish a trading network in the East, which eventually leads to the establishment of a state in Kiev.
49:11 The Vikings besiege Constantinople and have fun with churches and monasteries, but they never have a chance of taking over the city.
55:19 The Vikings who were known as the Rus' start becoming the ancestors of Russia as they adopt the world of orthodoxy, Byzantine church architecture, and engage in marriage alliances and trade deals, leading to the first ruler of Kiev, Sviatslav.
01:01:53 Olga besieges the city where her husband Igor was killed, negotiates a treaty with them, demands a small tribute of three sparrows and three pigeons from each household, sets them on fire, and kills everybody.
01:07:54 Flodomir chooses Orthodox Christianity as a result of power politics and the Byzantines offer him marriage into the imperial family, leading to the baptism of Flodomir in the Crimea.
01:14:15 Harold Sigerson, also known as Harold Hardrada, goes to Novgorod and then Kiev, where he becomes an enforcer for Yaroslav the Wise, and eventually travels to Constantinople to make money.
01:20:27 Harold Hardrada becomes incredibly rich in Constantinople, but declines the offer to marry the emperor's wife due to her habit of murdering her husbands and gouging their eyes out, and instead uses his wealth to gather a large army and reclaim the throne of Norway.
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