The Unsolved Mystery of Jack the Ripper and the Recent DNA Evidence

TLDR The infamous case of Jack the Ripper, a serial killer who terrorized the City of London in the late 19th century, may have finally been solved. Recent DNA testing on a shawl found at one of the crime scenes matched the DNA of one of the victims and a suspect, bringing new hope to solving this long-standing mystery.

Timestamped Summary

00:00 The City of London was terrorized by a serial killer known as Jack the Ripper, with the crimes remaining unsolved and sparking the interest of amateur sleuths.
01:37 In the late 19th century, a series of brutal murders occurred in the poverty-stricken and dangerous east end of London, shaking the city and capturing public attention.
02:58 The killer, initially known as the Leather Apron or the Whitechapel Killer, became a media sensation after sending letters signed as Jack the Ripper, and the five known victims, referred to as the Canonical Five, were believed to have been committed by the same person, although there were two other murders that were tentatively linked to Jack the Ripper but had different methods.
04:12 The investigation into the Jack the Ripper killings involved questioning thousands of people, investigating hundreds, and detaining over 80 individuals, and a surgeon concluded that all five murders were committed by the same person, with the victims likely lying down when they were killed and their throats being cut first.
05:32 Various individuals, including Prince Albert Victor, H. H. Holmes, Aaron Kozominski, and Lewis Carroll, have been identified as possible suspects in the Jack the Ripper case, leading to decades of amateur investigators and theories, including one by Arthur Conan Doyle suggesting that the killer was a woman.
06:58 The only remaining evidence from the Jack the Ripper case, a shawl with blood spatters on it, was recently tested using modern DNA techniques and was found to match the DNA of Catherine Eddowes as well as a suspect named Aaron Kozominski.
08:25 The DNA evidence and suspect checks many boxes, suggesting that the mystery of Jack the Ripper may have been solved with modern investigation techniques.
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