The Tragic Fate of the Romanov Family: From Abdication to Execution

TLDR Nicholas II and his family go from being prisoners in the Alexander Palace to victims of the Bolsheviks, as Lenin gains control and orders their execution. The bodies of the Romanov family are eventually found and confirmed through DNA testing, and they are given a proper burial in Petrograd.

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00:00 Nicholas and Alexandra refuse to implement any reforms despite warnings of disaster, leading to a dark turn of events.
04:44 Nicholas II's son, Alexei, was actually a rude and ill-mannered teenager, and there is debate about whether Nicholas should have implemented democracy in Russia, but if he had managed to hold onto power for 18 more months, Russia would have been one of the victors of World War I and received significant imperial conquests.
08:54 Nicholas II is trapped in a railway station and is forced to abdicate the throne, first for his son Alexei and then for his younger brother Michael II, before returning to the Alexander Palace where he and his family are now prisoners.
13:18 The Provisional Government continues the war and sends Nicholas II and his family to Bolsk in Western Siberia for their safety, while back in Petrograd, Lenin is plotting to seize power and eventually succeeds in October 1917.
17:32 As Lenin gains control and sends a commissar to take control of the Romanov family, the guards become infatuated with Maria, prompting the decision to move the family to Yekaterinburg where the situation becomes even more difficult for them.
21:47 As the civil war begins in mid-1918, Lenin orders the Romanov family to be moved to Yekaterinburg, where they are kept in the Apatiev house under the watch of new guards, one of whom becomes infatuated with one of the family members.
26:00 In June 1918, Lenin and Sferdlov decide to execute the entire Romanov family, including the children, in order to prevent them from becoming a symbol for the Whites, and on July 16th, a hit squad of 8-10 killers is selected to carry out the murders.
30:33 In the early hours of July 17th, 1918, the Romanov family is awakened and told they need to move due to the Whites getting close, but instead they are taken to a small room in the basement where they are shown in and seated, resembling a family portrait, before Yurovsky enters with 10 heavily armed men and announces that they have been sentenced to death by the Bolsheviks.
34:42 The killers open fire, breaking the plan to each kill one member of the group, and instead shoot Nicholas in the chest, causing chaos and bloodshed as they shoot the rest of the family, with some of the bullets bouncing off the girls' diamond bulletproof vests, until finally, after 20 minutes, they start looting the bodies.
38:56 The bodies of the Romanov family, including the teenage children, are carried out to a truck, where two of the girls briefly splutter and try to sit up before being killed by Ermakov, and the bodies are then taken to a shallow mineshaft where they are abused by drunken soldiers before being dug up and burned with acid and petrol, and in 1979, the bones of the family are found and excavated, but then put back, and in 1998, the government orders a search for the bodies.
43:09 In 1998, the bodies of Nicholas and a girl, believed to be one of his daughters, are found and confirmed through DNA testing to be those of the Romanovs, and in a funeral ordered by President Boris Yeltsin, the family is buried in the family tomb in Petrograd.
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The Tragic Fate of the Romanov Family: From Abdication to Execution

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