The story of Solomon Northrop and Albert Camus

TLDR Solomon Northrop, a free man, is kidnapped and sold into slavery, but regains his freedom with the help of his family and friends. Albert Camus, a French writer, grapples with his identity and faces backlash for his political views, ultimately dying in a car accident and leaving behind an unfinished novel.

Timestamped Summary

00:00 On January 4th, 1853, Solomon Northrop regained his freedom after being kidnapped and sold into slavery in New Orleans.
03:54 Solomon Northrop, a free man, is sold into slavery and works on a plantation in Louisiana for 12 years until he meets an abolitionist named Samuel Bass who helps him get word back to New York for aid.
07:06 Solomon Northrop gains his freedom in 1853 with the help of his family and friends, and his story becomes a significant text in the abolitionist cause.
10:12 A white man decides to darken his skin and travel through the South as a black man, experiencing firsthand the treatment and discrimination faced by black people.
13:22 Albert Camus, a French writer, was born in Algeria and wrestled with his identity as the product of a French-Pierre Noir settler family, remaining neutral in the Algerian wars, which caused him to be disavowed by his lefty friends in France.
16:08 Albert Camus, a French writer, was an outsider in the left-bank intellectual community and was moving towards the center politically, which was seen as a slap in the face when he received the Nobel Prize and made him somewhat of a persona non grata in the late 1950s.
19:09 Albert Camus, along with his publisher Michel Gallimard, died in a car accident, leaving behind an unfinished autobiographical novel called "The First Man" and sparking conspiracy theories about his death.
22:26 The hosts mention that they will be discussing French colonial Algeria and the Algerian War in future episodes, and tease that they have more French-themed topics coming up, but they do not reveal what they are.
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