The Story of Cincinnatus: A Leader Who Stepped Up and Stepped Away

TLDR Cincinnatus, a legendary figure in ancient Rome, twice served as dictator during times of crisis but voluntarily resigned and returned to his farm. His story is a reminder of the importance of leadership and the willingness to step away from power when the job is done.

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00:00 Learn about Lucius Quintius-Sincinetus, a man who had the ability to seize power but refused to do so, on this episode of Everything Everywhere Daily.
01:30 Lucius Quintus Sincenatus was a member of the wealthy patrician Quintus clan in 5th century B.C. Rome during the Republican period, when power was concentrated in the hands of the patrician class and the common plebians were discontent.
02:50 In 462 BC, the plebeians revolted against the patricians in Rome, resulting in the occupation of the capitaline hill and the appointment of Cincinnatus as consul after one of the consuls was killed, but Cincinnatus' son murdered a pleb and was killed himself, leading Cincinnatus to retire from politics and work on his farm.
04:06 Cincinnatus is appointed as dictator of Rome during a time of crisis.
05:19 Cincinnatus assembles an army, defeats the enemy, and is given a triumph before resigning as dictator and returning to his farm, but is later called upon again to solve another problem.
06:32 Cincinnatus became a legend in Rome for twice being appointed dictator and voluntarily resigning, and his legacy lasted far longer than Rome itself.
07:50 Cincinnatus' story is still relevant today, as few people are willing to step up, do what is required, and then step away from power.
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