The Search for the Fifth Beatle: Exploring the Contenders

TLDR Over the years, several individuals have been dubbed the "Fifth Beatle" for their contributions to the band, including Pete Best, Stuart Sutcliffe, Klaus Wormann, Jimmy Nicholl, George Martin, Brian Epstein, and even a Volkswagen Beatle.

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00:00 Murray the K was humorously dubbed the Fifth Beatle in 1964 for promoting the Beatles on his radio program, and since then, many others have been given the title due to their contributions to the band.
01:54 Pete Best, the original drummer for the Beatles, was considered the first person to be referred to as the Fifth Beatle.
03:16 Stuart Sutcliffe, the original bass player for the Beatles, is another candidate for the title of the Fifth Beatle due to his early involvement with the band and influence on their image.
04:35 Other musicians who played with the Beatles, such as Klaus Wormann and Jimmy Nicholl, have also been considered as potential candidates for the title of the Fifth Beatle.
05:53 George Martin, the producer of every Beatles album except Let It Be, played a significant role in developing the sound of the Beatles.
07:13 George Martin and Brian Epstein were both considered the "fifth Beatle" due to their significant impact on the Beatles' music and success.
08:42 The car closest to the Beatles on the cover of the Abbey Road album, a Volkswagen Beatle, has been jokingly referred to as the "fifth Beatle."
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