The Russian Empire's Conquest of Central Asia

TLDR The Russian Empire's conquest of Central Asia was driven by a desire to regain glory and save face after the Crimean War, as well as a need to be seen as a great power. Despite facing challenges such as difficult terrain and fierce defenders, the Russians utilized superior firepower and tactics to easily conquer the region, resulting in the addition of 1.5 million square miles to their territory.

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00:00 This episode discusses the unraveling and mass exodus happening in the Caucasus region, which is a legacy of the Russian Empire's influence and control.
04:35 The Russians expanded their empire into Central Asia, ruling over a Muslim area and looking down on the Central Asians as savages, barbarians, and backward.
08:57 The region of Central Asia is historically inhabited by settled and nomadic people, with areas of great fertility and rich lands, and is now known as the Stans, including Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, and Tajikistan.
12:49 The region of Fergana, located between Tashkent and the Chinese border, was once a cottonopolis but has now returned to pastoral farming, and is a difficult region to conquer due to the vast desert and the need for thousands of camels to transport troops and supplies.
17:01 Historians are puzzled as to why Russia conquered Central Asia under Tsar Alexander, as he was not a military imperialist, and theories about economic motives and the Great Game don't hold up, but it seems that Russia's desire to save face and regain glory after the Crimean War, as well as a desire to be seen as a great power like Britain and the United States, played a significant role in their conquest.
21:04 In his secret mission to Central Asia, Count Nikolai Ignatiev discovers the brutal tactics of the Uzbek slavers, who would sew a rope under the clavicle of captured individuals to prevent them from escaping.
25:10 Count Nikolai Ignatiev fails to capture Central Asia but succeeds in capturing chunks of China, inspiring a new generation of Russians to dream of conquering Central Asia, including General Mikhail Chernayev who sets his sights on Tashkent.
29:40 General Mikhail Chernayev defies orders from the Tsar and successfully captures the ancient fortress city of Tashkent with a small force, utilizing superior firepower and a secret passage into the city.
34:05 The Russians continue to conquer cities in Central Asia, utilizing their superior firepower and range to easily defeat the defenders, resulting in minimal casualties for the Russians and a loss of morale for the people of Central Asia.
38:21 The Russians conquer Central Asia with ease, resulting in the addition of 1.5 million square miles to the Czar's territory, although there are casualties and massacres along the way, leaving a lasting impact on the region.
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The Russian Empire's Conquest of Central Asia

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