The Role of Luck in the Outcome of the Third Mythrodatic War

TLDR The outcome of the Third Mythrodatic War between King Mythrodates of Pontus and the Roman Republic was influenced by a random event - the appearance of a meteor in the sky at the exact time and place of the battle. This caused both sides to separate, preventing the battle from happening and ultimately leading to Pompey's victory.

Timestamped Summary

00:00 Luck played a significant role in determining the outcome of a battle over 2,000 years ago.
02:03 The Third Mythrodatic War was a series of conflicts between King Mythrodates the Sixth of Pontus and the Roman Republic, with the first war beginning in 88 BC with a surprise attack on Roman cities in Asia.
03:58 The Third Mythrodatic War began when King Nicomides IV of Bithynia gave his kingdom to the Roman Republic in his will, prompting Mythrodates to invade Bithynia with his rebuilt army.
05:54 During the battle between Lucullus and Mythrodates, a meteor appeared in the sky and fell between the two armies.
07:52 A meteor fell from the sky at the exact time and place that the battle was about to occur, causing both sides to separate and preventing the battle from happening.
09:53 Pompey defeated the forces of Pontus, effectively ending the war, and Mithridades ultimately killed himself by poison after his allies turned against him.
11:45 The outcome of the war could have been different if the outnumbered Romans had lost the battle, showing that history can be influenced by random events such as a falling rock.
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