The Role of Horses in World War II and the Decline of their Use in Modern Warfare

TLDR Despite the mechanization of World War II, horses still played a significant role in the conflict, with Germany and the Soviet Union heavily relying on them. However, Germany's difficulties in battles like Stalingrad and the overall success of mechanized armies demonstrated that horses were no longer viable in modern warfare, leading to a decline in their use after the war.

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00:00 Horses played a significant role in World War II, despite the war being primarily mechanized.
01:50 Horses were widely used in World War I, but the transition to motorized vehicles and the changing nature of warfare led to a decrease in the global horse population and the adoption of armored cavalry units.
03:16 By the start of World War II, most Western allies, including the US and the UK, had transitioned away from using horses in warfare, but Germany and the Soviet Union still heavily relied on horses during the war.
04:53 During World War II, Germany heavily relied on horses, with the German Wehrmacht using 2.75 million horses, almost double the number they used in the First World War, despite being known for their Blitzkrieg tactics.
06:38 The Germans had difficulties with their horse units in battles like Stalingrad due to lack of feed and grazing ground, while the Soviets had a larger horse population but lacked petroleum production.
08:15 World War II had the largest number of horses used in any military conflict, but Germany's failure in the Soviet Union demonstrated that a modern, mechanized army could no longer rely on horses, leading to a rapid decline in their use in combat after the war.
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