The Rivalry Between England and Denmark Throughout History

TLDR The rivalry between England and Denmark dates back to the Viking Age and has been marked by conflicts, conversions, and cultural influences. From the Viking invasions to the strained relationship between Anne of Denmark and James I, this podcast explores the complex history of the Anglo-Danish relationship.

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00:00 In the summer of 1003, a Viking army captured the town of Wilton, a place of symbolic significance to the Anglo-Saxon monarchy, after the English army feigned illness and fled.
06:20 The rivalry between England and Denmark can be traced back to the Viking Age and even further, with the Danes appearing in Beowulf and having a long history of interaction with the English.
11:21 The rivalry between England and Denmark is seen as a heroic failure story, with the historical context of Saint Edmund's martyrdom and the ultimate conversion of the Danes to Christianity.
15:55 England becomes a united kingdom under Athelstan and gains control over taxation and money, making it seem rich and strong, but the Danes still have their eyes on England and eventually come back under the reign of Ethelred.
21:28 The Danes in the Danelaw still think of themselves as Danes, but their identity starts to fade over the generations, although the impact of Danish culture is evident in place names; under Ethelred, the Danes come back as Christians and increase in numbers, leading to the downfall of the kingdom.
26:32 The section discusses the anglicization of Knut the Great, his two sons Harold Harefoot and Arthur Knut, the final Danish invasion attempt in 1069, the fading of the Viking tradition, and the strength of the Norman monarchy under William the Conqueror.
31:36 Anne of Denmark's strained relationship with James I is further complicated by the gallery conspiracy, her hunger strike, and the incident where she accidentally shoots James' favorite dog with a crossbow, which may have been influenced by her forced exposure to plays about Denmark's dark history.
36:41 Anne of Denmark's brother, Christian IV, plays a role in the Anglo-Danish relationship through his visit to London and a failed attempt to gain possession of Newcastle in exchange for military aid to Charles I during the Civil War.
41:34 Nelson attacks Copenhagen in 1801, ignoring a signal to withdraw, and captures ships, while in 1807 the British land troops and bombard the city, with Lord Frost, the Brexit negotiator, tweeting about the 1807 Siege of Copenhagen.
46:23 Hans Christian Andersen overstays his welcome at Charles Dickens' house, causing Dickens to write bitchy letters and complain about Andersen's behavior.
51:29 The Schleswig-Holstein crisis leads to the first of three wars fought by Bismarck, ultimately contributing to the creation of Germany, and during World War II, Danish seamen settled in Newcastle and a memorial was erected in their honor.
56:14 The podcast ends on a positive note, highlighting the good and productive relations between England and other countries, including Scotland, and hints at the possibility of a bonus episode on Anglo-Italian relations, depending on the outcome of the tournament.
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