The Rise of Suleiman the Magnificent in the Ottoman Empire

TLDR Suleiman the Magnificent, ruler of the Ottoman Empire, conquered vast territories, established himself as the Caliph, and aimed to unite east and west under one religion. His reign was marked by military victories, opulent festivities, and alliances with European powers, but also faced internal tensions and rivalries.

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00:00 We are about to discuss the rise of Suleiman the Magnificent in the Ottoman Empire, with a special guest, Mark David Behr.
04:16 Mehmed II takes over Constantinople, repopulates it with Christians, Jews, and Muslims, builds a new palace, establishes a system of laws including fratricide, and brings in slaves to create a strong government based on conversion and bloodshed.
08:50 Salim, the father of Suleiman the Magnificent, conquered a massive amount of territory, including Syria, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, and the holy cities of Jerusalem, Mecca, and Medina, and brought back numerous holy relics to Istanbul, establishing himself as the Caliph and the symbolic leader of all world Sunni Muslims.
13:16 Suleiman the Magnificent becomes the Sultan without any competition, but is not well-regarded by those in power due to his lack of battlefield experience and young age, and he also makes questionable decisions, such as promoting his close companion Ibrahim to high positions.
17:26 Suleiman the Magnificent believes he is the rightful ruler of the world and plans to unite east and west under one crown and one religion, Islam, which he symbolizes by having a crown made that combines the Habsburg crown with the Papal tiara.
21:38 Suleiman and Ibrahim go out on the battlefield and quickly conquer Belgrade and Rhodes, gaining legitimacy and silencing some of the criticism surrounding Abraham's central place in the Ottoman court.
25:25 Suleiman is celebrated as a divine figure and the climax of his reign is marked by opulent festivities in Constantinople, a city that has been rebuilt and repopulated with people from conquered regions, allowing for the coexistence of mosques, churches, and synagogues, as well as the establishment of various institutions and services for the residents.
29:43 Henry VIII of England admires Suleiman the Magnificent and even dresses up as him, but the Ottomans are not recognized as part of European history despite their influence on European rulers and alliances.
33:41 The Ottomans, under Suleiman, were involved in naval expeditions as far as Indonesia, established themselves in Eritrea and India, made naval alliances with France, battled the Portuguese and allied with Muslim kingdoms in India and Indonesia, armed rebels in Europe, and made contacts with Protestants in the low countries, all in a world struggle for dominion.
37:38 Suleiman falls in love with Hürrem Sultan, a Christian woman from Ukraine who converts to Islam, and their relationship causes tension and rivalry within the court.
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The Rise of Suleiman the Magnificent in the Ottoman Empire

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