The Renaissance of Persian Art and History under Timur

TLDR Timur, a Turk residing in Persia, rose to power and filled the power void left by the collapse of the Mongol Empire and the Black Death. Despite his brutal conquests, Timur inspired a renaissance of Persian art and history in Persia, Afghanistan, and Central Asia, leaving behind impressive architectural structures and works of art.

Timestamped Summary

00:00 Timur, known as the scourge of God, was a brutal conqueror and mass murderer, but his grandchildren were responsible for inspiring extraordinary architecture and producing great works of art in Persia, Afghanistan, and Central Asia.
04:40 Timur, a Turk residing in Persia, was responsible for a great renaissance of Persian art and history in areas extending from Afghanistan to Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, and Kazakhstan, despite his physical appearance not matching the typical Persian or Mongol hero.
09:06 Timur, a barless Turk who married into the Mongol royal family, took advantage of the collapse of the Mongol Empire and the power void left by the Black Death to rise to power and fill the void in Persia and the Levant.
13:08 Timur, although not posh himself, considers himself a Mongol and takes the title of son-in-law, Gurgen, but is ethnically a Turk, and after conquering Samarkand, he erupts into Persia, causing fear and chaos among the Persians.
17:21 Timur deliberately terrifies people to make them surrender, and after conquering Persia, Russia, and the Golden Horde, he successfully captures Delhi by using fire to drive the elephants into a panic and crush the Delhi armies.
21:29 After sacking Delhi, Timur invades Anatolia, which is already a Muslim region, contradicting his claim of being a champion of Islam.
25:24 Timur's army, after sacking Delhi, heads to the university town of Sivas where they trample children to death, besiege the city, and bury the defenders alive, destroying the town and its famous madrasas.
29:34 Timur captures and destroys the castle of the knights, beheads them, and catapults their heads into the galleys, displaying his game of thrones-like brutality.
33:59 Timur's lavish buildings and decorations, although impressive, were not structurally sound and have since deteriorated, but there are still surviving Timurid mosques and shrines that hold spiritual significance and draw pilgrims from all over the world.
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