The Real Life Dexter: A Troubled Killer with a YouTube Channel

TLDR Pedro Rodriguez Filo, known as The Real Life Dexter, was a troubled individual who started his life of murder at a young age and went on to become a prolific killer in prison. Despite being sentenced to 126 years, he was released after serving only a few additional years and now runs a popular YouTube channel where he tries to steer young people away from a life of crime.

Timestamped Summary

00:00 There has been a real-life Dexter, a killer who targeted other criminals.
01:14 Pedro Rodriguez Filo, also known as The Real Life Dexter, was not a hero despite having reasons for killing his victims.
02:20 Pedro Rodriguez Filo had a troubled upbringing and began his life of murder at a young age, starting with the shooting of the deputy mayor of Santa Rita de Scapulai.
03:23 Pedro Rodriguez Filo escaped an assassination attempt and then sought revenge by torturing members of a rival gang, killing seven people at a wedding, murdering his mother's killer, and then killing his cousin's ex-boyfriend.
04:27 Pedro Rodriguez Filo became a prolific killer while in prison, murdering at least 47 other inmates and attacking countless others, establishing himself as the alpha predator in a confined institution full of predators.
05:35 Pedro Rodriguez Filo, a convicted murderer, was sentenced to 126 years in prison for his crimes, but due to Brazilian law, he was released after only serving a few additional years and is now a free man.
06:47 Pedro Rodriguez Filo, a diagnosed sociopath and convicted murderer, is now a free man with a popular YouTube channel where he tries to help young people avoid a life of crime, but has stated that he would kill criminals again if necessary.
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