The Rarest Feats in Sports: From Epic Tennis Matches to Unbelievable Golf Shots

TLDR This episode explores some of the rarest and most impressive feats in sports, including an 11-hour and 5-minute fifth set in a Wimbledon match, achieving an albatross or a condor in golf, recording a triple double or even a quadruple or quintuple double in basketball, and hitting two grand slam home runs in a single inning in baseball.

Timestamped Summary

00:00 This episode discusses the rarest feats in sports, focusing on highly improbable events that require luck, skill, and the right circumstances to occur.
02:21 In a historic first round match at Wimbledon in 2010, John Eisner and Nicholas Mahoot played an unprecedented 11-hour and 5-minute fifth set that ended with Eisner winning 70-68.
04:36 In the world of golf, achieving an albatross, which is three strokes under par, is far rarer than a hole in one.
06:55 A condor in golf, which is being four under par for a single hole, is even rarer than an albatross, and has only been achieved six times in the history of golf.
09:13 In basketball, a triple double is when a player gets double digits in three different statistical categories, such as points, rebounds, assists, steals, or block shots.
11:26 A quadruple double in basketball has only been done four times in NBA history, and a quintuple double has only been recorded three times at any level of basketball competition.
13:50 Two grand slam home runs in a single inning is an incredibly rare feat in baseball, having only happened once in history.
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