The Nazi Search for the Holy Grail: The Story of Otto Rahn

TLDR Otto Rahn, a Nazi archaeologist, became obsessed with the Cathars and their belief in the Holy Grail. Protected by Heinrich Himmler, Rahn searched for the Holy Grail at Montsegur Castle in France, but ultimately met a mysterious fate after resigning from the SS.

Timestamped Summary

00:00 The episode explores the real-life Nazi search for the Holy Grail, focusing on Otto Rahn.
01:43 Otto Rahn was introduced to the Cathars, a religious movement with a belief system that differed from Orthodox Christianity.
03:10 Otto Rahn became obsessed with the Cathars and believed they were the last group to possess the Holy Grail, leading him to search for it at Montsegur Castle in Languedoc, France.
04:34 Montsegur Castle was the last Carther stronghold in France to fall during the Albigensium Crusade, and Otto Rahn believed that the Holy Grail was located somewhere beneath the castle, leading him to spend months searching for it in the French Pyrenees, ultimately writing a book about his adventure titled "Crusade Against the Grail," which caught the attention of Heinrich Himmler, the head of the German SS.
05:59 Otto Rahn, despite being an open homosexual in Nazi Germany, was protected by Heinrich Himmler due to his theories on the Holy Grail and his scholarship on medieval German legends, and was offered sponsorship and funding for his research and expeditions in exchange for loyalty and joining the SS.
07:30 Otto Rahn, after witnessing the horrors of the Dachau concentration camp, resigned from the SS and shortly after his resignation, his body was found frozen on a mountain in Austria under mysterious circumstances.
08:57 Otto Rahn's fate after resigning from the SS remains unknown, but his character became the basis for the Nazi archaeologist trope in films like Indiana Jones.
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