The Most Dangerous Substances in the World

TLDR From the strongest acid known to science to deadly poisons and explosive substances, these dangerous substances are so potent that even chemists avoid working with them.

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00:00 The most dangerous substances in the world are those that even chemists wouldn't want to work with due to the potential for disaster in the laboratory.
02:19 Fluoroantimonic acid is the strongest acid known to science, approximately 20 quintillion times stronger than sulfuric acid, and is so corrosive that it can burn through organic compounds and react with glass.
04:37 Azidoazide azide is an extremely unstable and explosive substance that is difficult to measure or use, while thylacetone is known as the world's smelliest substance and can cause vomiting and unconsciousness.
06:50 Potassium cyanide is a deadly chemical that has industrial uses but is extremely poisonous and has been used for suicide and mass killings, while polonium-210 is a radioactive isotope that can be used for assassinations due to its high radioactivity and ingestion danger.
08:59 Polonium-210 is a deadly and hard-to-obtain radioactive poison that was used to assassinate Alexander Litvinenko, while nerve agents like Seren gas and VX gas are even deadlier and have been used in military attacks and assassinations.
11:11 Botulinum toxins, specifically botulinum toxin A, are considered the deadliest substances known to humanity and are used in medical procedures such as Botox injections, but their extreme danger is mitigated by their highly diluted form.
13:23 Iocane powder is an odorless, tasteless, and deadly poison.
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