The Maid of Holland: Symbol of Resistance and Prosperity in the Dutch Republic

TLDR The Maid of Holland, a symbol of the Protestant revolt against the Spanish, represented the religious and political resistance of the Dutch Republic. Depicted in allegory and associated with cleanliness and orderliness, she symbolized the wisdom, prosperity, and chosen status of the Dutch Republic.

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00:00 The Maid of Holland emerges as the most potent symbol of the Dutch Republic during the late 16th century Dutch revolt against the Spanish, representing the religious and political resistance of the Protestant and Calvinist northern part of the Netherlands.
03:34 The Maid of Holland medal represents the Protestant revolt against the Spanish and combines Christian and classical symbolism, with references to the Virgin Mary and the goddess Minerva, as well as the idea of liberty and heroism.
07:04 Kenow Simen's daughter Hasler becomes the emblem of repair work during the Spanish siege of Harlem, with stories about her becoming increasingly implausible over time, and by the 17th century she is depicted as a full-blown warrior, similar to Joan of Arc.
10:13 The figure of the maid of Holland is culturally distinctive because she is depicted in an allegory on the deceitfulness of Spain and the liberty and prosperity of the Dutch Republic, symbolizing the wisdom of renowned Dutch housekeeping and the cleanliness of their republic.
13:32 The cleanliness and orderliness of Dutch households, as well as the streets and public spaces, was seen as a civic duty and a symbol of the Dutch Republic's prosperity and chosen status by God.
16:53 The cleanliness and orderliness of Dutch households and public spaces was seen as a symbol of redemption and a reflection of Calvinist ideals, with housework being equated to the cleansing of the soul.
20:16 The Dutch Republic in the 17th century idealized housework as a way to maintain virtue and cleanliness in the face of newfound wealth, similar to how the British would later idealize the home in the 19th century.
23:32 The Dutch maid endures as an emblem of the Dutch Republic and the Netherlands, particularly during the Dutch Golden Age in the late 17th century, but its influence wanes under the shadow of French militarism and British naval power.
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