The Link Between Broccoli and James Bond Movies Explored

TLDR The origin of broccoli in Italy, the role of Cubby Broccoli in securing subsidies from the British government, and the creation of Eon Productions and the James Bond film franchise are explored in this episode.

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00:00 The link between broccoli and James Bond movies is explored in this episode.
01:24 The broccoli plant originated in Italy and has been a staple food there for centuries.
02:44 Broccoli was created by the ancient Etruscans through selective propagation of wild cabbage, and the variant we are familiar with today was developed in Italy in the 19th century by crossing cauliflower with a plant called broccoli brab.
03:50 Albert, whose nickname was Cubby, moved to Hollywood and became an assistant director after a chance meeting with Howard Hughes on the set of the movie The Outlaw.
04:57 Cubby Broccoli realized that he could receive large subsidies from the British government by shooting films in the UK with a crew that was 80% British, leading him to produce a series of films in the early 1950s using subsidy money, and later discovering that only one book in Ian Fleming's secret agent series had been optioned by a major studio.
06:11 Broccoli and Saltzman created a 50-50 partnership and a production company called Eon Productions, securing a six-movie deal with a million dollars in funding for the first film, and ultimately casting Sean Connery as James Bond in the movie Doctor No, which became a critical and box-office hit.
07:19 The production of James Bond films has become a family business, with Albert Broccoli's daughters and stepson now serving as the main producers, and his name still appearing in the opening credits of every film.
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