The Life and Legacy of Harry Houdini: From Magic to Escape Acts

TLDR Harry Houdini, the renowned magician and escape artist, had a diverse career that included aviation, motion pictures, and debunking psychics. His death was shrouded in mystery, but his legacy lives on through his famous tricks and the world's largest collection of Houdini memorabilia.

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00:00 Harry Houdini, born Eric Weiss, began his career in magic and illusion, eventually becoming one of the most successful magicians in history before his untimely death at the age of 52.
02:16 Harry Houdini's career shifted from sleight of hand magic to escape acts, with his metamorphosis act, use of his wife in the act, and public escape stunts gaining him fame and the title of the King of Handcuffs.
04:14 Harry Houdini continued to gain fame in Europe, winning a defamation case, escaping a Siberian prison wagon, and introducing new tricks such as the milk jug escape and the Chinese water torture cell.
06:10 Harry Houdini was not only a skilled escape artist, but also an aviation pioneer, had a brief career in motion pictures, and debunked psychics and spiritualists.
08:06 Harry Houdini's death was surrounded by mystery and began with a fractured ankle during a performance, followed by a student punching him in the stomach, leading to severe pain and ultimately an emergency appendectomy.
10:07 Harry Houdini's death was caused by a burst appendix and a massive infection, and his widow held seances for 10 years to try and contact him, but never received their secret phrase, while his legacy has only grown since his death, with the world's largest collection of Houdini memorabilia owned by David Copperfield and a Houdini Museum and walking tour in Appleton, Wisconsin.
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