The Journey of a Full-Time Podcaster: From Debate Team to Successful Show

TLDR The host of the podcast shares their experience of being a full-time podcaster, handling all aspects of the show themselves, and making a living off of it. They discuss their preference for history, science, and geography, their ability to communicate in multiple languages, and their love for visiting world heritage sites while traveling.

Timestamped Summary

00:00 The host addresses the use of CE, BCE, AD, and BC in noting timelines and explains that for the purpose of the podcast, they only mention the year without using CE or AD, and use BC for anything before the year one.
02:16 The host explains that being on the debate team was the best thing they ever did, as it helped them develop research skills that they now use for their full-time job as a podcast host.
04:02 The host explains that they are a full-time podcaster and have been able to make a living off of it after two years, and they clarify that they don't work with a production company and handle all aspects of the show themselves, with the company they work with only assisting with advertising and marketing, and the executive and associate producer credits are available for purchase by supporting the show on Patreon.
05:49 The host explains that they recently upgraded their sound system and now use a Shure SM7B microphone and GarageBand software for recording, and they admit that their weakest subjects are literature and pop music.
07:38 The host discusses their preference for focusing on history, science, and geography rather than current events, and mentions that they are not a celebrity in their home community and only speak English fluently.
09:17 The host discusses their ability to communicate in multiple languages and their preference for visiting world heritage sites when traveling, and mentions that they typically do not plan their trips in advance and often make things up as they go along, but their future travel plans may be different due to the podcast.
10:55 The host discusses their ability to record the podcast from anywhere, except for the fact that they prefer using a desktop computer with two monitors, and explains why they don't like Civilization 6.
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