The Investigation and Aftermath of JFK's Assassination

TLDR The Dallas police apprehend Lee Harvey Oswald as the man responsible for Kennedy's assassination, but conspiracy theories begin to circulate. Jack Ruby, deeply affected by Kennedy's death, impulsively shoots Oswald, leading to Oswald's death and a blow to the reputation of the Dallas Police Department.

Timestamped Summary

00:00 The Dallas police have apprehended the man they believe is responsible for Kennedy's assassination and have compiled evidence against him, although the evidence will be questioned and scrutinized for decades to come.
04:24 Lee Harvey Oswald's suspicious behavior, including lying about carrying curtain rods and denying buying a gun, along with his movements before and after the assassination, have led the police and the justice system to be convinced that he is the man responsible for Kennedy's death.
08:16 The international press, particularly in France, is starting to circulate conspiracy theories about Kennedy's assassination, and the police are aware that they need to present a watertight case to avoid suspicion.
12:17 Lee Harvey Oswald claims that a photograph of him with a rifle and communist papers is fake and that he is being framed, but the police are convinced of his guilt and make plans for his transfer to the county jail with maximum security, unaware that Jack Ruby, deeply affected by Kennedy's death, is planning to kill Oswald.
16:04 Jack Ruby, deeply affected by Kennedy's death, is behaving impulsively and erratically, and is planning to send money to one of his strippers before going to the police station to carry out his plan to kill Lee Harvey Oswald.
20:08 Jack Ruby, after filling out a Western Union money order for a stripper, enters the basement of the police station and shoots Lee Harvey Oswald in the stomach.
24:32 Lee Harvey Oswald is quickly taken to Parkland Hospital after being shot by Jack Ruby, but despite initial hope that he might survive, Oswald ultimately dies from his injuries, while Ruby, in his interrogation, reveals his motivation for killing Oswald and his desire to make a mark on the world.
28:05 The Dallas Police Department's failure to protect the president and the subsequent shooting of Lee Harvey Oswald in their custody was a blow to their reputation from which they arguably never recovered, and the police officers involved in the investigation actually come out of it incredibly well.
31:33 The funeral of President Kennedy and the subsequent funerals of Lee Harvey Oswald and JD Tippet were all marked by moments of loss and mourning, including the presence of foreign leaders, the spectacle of Black Jack the horse, and the heart-rending image of John Jr. saluting his father's casket.
35:14 The episode concludes with a discussion about the various theories surrounding JFK's assassination and invites listeners to join the Restless History Club for immediate access to the answers, while also promoting another podcast episode about the history of Iran's influence in the Middle East.
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