The Impact of Accounting on Civilization and the Rise of Modern Business

TLDR Accounting and bookkeeping have played a crucial role in the development of civilization, allowing for the recording and documentation of economic transactions. From ancient civilizations to modern times, accounting has shaped the world, laying the foundations for modern business and economics.

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00:00 Accounting and bookkeeping have been around since the dawn of civilization and have had a significant impact on shaping the world.
01:49 Accounting was essential for the rise of civilization as it allowed for the recording and documentation of economic transactions, leading to the development of written language and the emergence of important societal roles such as scribes and priests.
03:15 Accounting systems were developed by ancient civilizations such as the Babylonians, Egyptians, and Romans, and even played a role in the development of algebra and the decimal numbering system.
04:33 Double entry bookkeeping, which involves entering every transaction twice in different accounts in a ledger, is considered the most revolutionary technology in the history of accounting and laid the foundations for modern business and economics.
05:59 Luca Pacchioli, considered the founder of modern accounting, wrote a book in 1494 that devoted 27 pages to accounting and the double entry bookkeeping system, which is still used today, and the rise of formal accounting was a big reason behind the rise of joint stock companies.
07:20 Accounting requires creativity and problem solving, as demonstrated by the challenge of measuring the cost of fuel in a storage tank with constantly changing prices.
08:36 Accounting involves making decisions about methods such as FIFO or LIFO, as well as considering laws, professional standards, and ethical issues, and has been a crucial part of human civilization.
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