The History and Legacy of the Negro Leagues in Baseball

TLDR The Negro Leagues were a collection of organized baseball leagues for black players from the 1920s to the 1950s, showcasing some of the greatest players who were excluded from the major leagues due to racial segregation. Despite facing financial struggles and instability, the Negro Leagues produced legendary players and eventually gained recognition with the creation of a special commission for their induction into the Baseball Hall of Fame.

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00:00 The Negro Leagues were a significant part of baseball history, showcasing some of the greatest players who were denied a place in the major leagues due to racial segregation.
02:38 Black players were excluded from organized baseball competitions, leading to the creation of baseball's color barrier, and the first black major league baseball player was Moses Fleetwood Walker in 1884.
04:46 In 1887, black players were banned from the lower level international league, leading to the exclusion of black players from all levels of organized professional baseball by the early 1890s.
07:03 The Negro Leagues were not a single league, but rather several organized leagues of black baseball teams from approximately 1920 to 1950, with the 1920s being considered the Golden Age, although many teams struggled financially and the leagues themselves were unstable.
09:09 The Negro Leagues were home to some of the greatest baseball players in history, including Satchel Page, Josh Gibson, Cool Papa Bell, Buck Leonard, Oscar Charlton, and Monty Irvin, who often played against white professional players in exhibition games during the off-season.
11:13 The death of Kennesaw Mountain Landis in 1944 and the subsequent integration of baseball led to the decline and eventual end of the Negro Leagues, as black players began to join the major leagues and the attention of black baseball fans shifted to the stars of the major leagues.
13:25 The legacy of the Negro Leagues and its players was not initially recognized by the Baseball Hall of Fame, but a special commission was eventually created in 1971 for the induction of Negro League players, and to date, 37 players, managers, and executives have been inducted into the Hall of Fame.
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