The Failed German Invasion of Britain during World War II

TLDR In 1940, Germany attempted to invade Britain as part of their conquest of Western Europe, but their plans were thwarted by the British Royal Air Force and Navy. Operation Sea Lion was indefinitely postponed as Hitler shifted his focus to the Soviet Union.

Timestamped Summary

00:00 The German war machine quickly conquered Western Europe in 1940, including France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Norway, and Denmark, leaving Great Britain as the last country to fall.
01:36 In 1940, Germany quickly conquered most of Western Europe, including France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Norway, and Denmark, and the British army was almost defeated at Dunkirk if not for a heroic rescue effort.
02:50 Hitler initially planned for Britain to seek a negotiated peace, but when they refused, plans were drawn up for an invasion, with the first idea being to dominate the air and destroy the Royal Air Force.
04:05 Operation Sea Lion was the plan for the Germans to invade Britain, with the conditions being the need for air supremacy, clearing the English Channel of mines, packing the coast with heavy artillery, and pinning down the Royal Navy.
05:23 The plan for a wide scale landing of troops in southeastern England was dependent on the success of the Kriegs Marine and the Luftwaffe, but both were hesitant due to the superiority of the British Navy and the unrealistic timeline for organizing the invasion.
06:39 The British achieved air supremacy and focused on homeland defense, mobilizing troops, recruiting civilians, and installing pillboxes along the coast, while the Germans assembled inadequate barges for the invasion, leading Hitler to indefinitely postpone Operation Sea Lion.
07:53 Hitler's attention was on the Soviet Union, which he viewed as the much bigger strategic prize, leading him to prioritize Operation Barbarossa over Operation Sea Lion.
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