The Extraordinary Life and Career of Nellie Bly

TLDR Nellie Bly, born Elizabeth Jane Cochran, overcame financial struggles and an abusive stepfather to become a renowned journalist, novelist, and advocate for women's suffrage. Her diverse career included reporting on Mexican corruption, exposing the conditions of asylums, investigating sweatshops and baby buying rings, and completing a record-breaking journey around the world in 72 days.

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00:00 Elizabeth Jane Cochran, later known as Nellie Bly, was born in Pennsylvania in 1864 and had a diverse career as a journalist, novelist, factory owner, and advocate for women's suffrage.
02:26 Nellie Bly's early life was marked by financial struggles, an abusive stepfather, and a lack of funds that prevented her from pursuing her dream of becoming a teacher, but her life changed when she wrote a letter to the editor of the Pittsburgh Dispatch in response to a sexist column, leading to a job offer and the adoption of her pen name, Nellie Bly.
04:17 Nellie Bly became a freelance foreign correspondent in Mexico, reporting on cultural topics, living conditions, and Mexican politics, but had to flee the country due to threats of arrest, and upon returning to Pittsburgh, she continued reporting on Mexican corruption and eventually published her stories in a book titled "Six Months in Mexico."
06:09 Nellie Bly pretended to be insane in order to get herself committed to an asylum, where she documented the horrible conditions and abuse, leading to reforms in the asylum system and her rise to celebrity status.
07:54 Nellie Bly's newfound celebrity status allowed her to pursue various stories, including investigations into sweatshops, baby buying rings, corrupt legislators, and interviews with notable figures such as the wives of U.S. presidents and Buffalo Bill, but her greatest accomplishment was her record-breaking journey around the world in 72 days, 6 hours, 11 minutes, and 14 seconds.
09:53 Nellie Bly's career included a brief stint in fiction writing, a marriage to a multi-millionaire industrialist, taking over his company after his death, covering the women's suffrage movement, serving as a war correspondent during World War I, and becoming a renowned journalist who has been celebrated and honored since her death.
11:41 Nellie Bly was considered the best reporter in America by Arthur Brisbane, and the podcast host thanks a listener for their positive review and discusses plans for creating classroom resources.
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