The Exploitation of the Dionne Quintuplets: A Dark Chapter in History

TLDR The Dionne quintuplets, the world's first surviving quintuplets, were exploited by the government and used as a tourist attraction, leading to financial burdens for their family. Despite public pressure, the girls were only returned to their parents after years of separation and have since spoken out against the exploitation of children.

Timestamped Summary

00:00 The odds of quintuplets, 5 children, is 1 in 55 million, and the first case of natural quintuplets surviving infancy occurred 86 years ago during the Great Depression.
01:57 On May 28th, 1934, in Callender, Ontario, five identical girls were born to Olivia and Elzary Dionne, becoming known as the Dionne quintuplets, which was the world's first case of surviving quintuplets.
03:22 Within hours of the quintuplets being born, the news spread worldwide, leading to financial burdens for the family and an agreement with the Red Cross to provide financial support and guardianship for the girls.
04:37 The government took custody of the quintuplets and created a nursery and playground for them, which became a tourist attraction known as Quintland, with over three million visitors between 1936 and 1943.
06:00 The government signed the quintuplets up to promote various products and celebrities visited Quintland to take photos with the girls, while anything associated with the quintuplets was paid for out of their trust fund.
07:19 The Dionne Quintuplets were given back to their parents along with their trust fund after public pressure, but the parents had little contact with the girls and they all left home at 18, with two of the sisters still alive today.
08:44 The Dionne Quintuplets, now adults, have spoken out against the exploitation of children and want to prevent others from experiencing what they went through.
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