The Erfurt Latrine Disaster: A Bizarre Land Dispute Turns Tragic

TLDR In 1184, a land dispute in Erfurt, Germany led to a meeting above a communal latrine, resulting in the collapse of the floor and the deaths of 60 to 100 people. This bizarre event remains one of the most tragic disasters in history.

Timestamped Summary

00:00 In 1184, a conflict between the Count of Thuringia and the Archbishop of Mands resulted in a disastrous event known as the Erfurt Latrine disaster.
01:15 In the year 1184, a land dispute between members of the nobility in the town of Erfurt, Germany, resulted in an odd event with similarities to modern conflicts.
02:17 The land dispute in Erfurt, Germany involved the Count of Wüsselbach and Ludwig III, and was connected to a larger dispute involving the Holy Roman Empire.
03:13 The Emperor ordered the parties to assemble in Ereford to settle the land dispute, which involved not only the two men in question but also other landowners and nobility who wanted to be on the guest list for the event.
04:12 The meeting to settle the land dispute took place in a room above a communal latrine, with over a hundred nobles and the major parties involved in attendance.
05:14 Between 60 to 100 people died when the floor of the room above the latrine collapsed, causing everyone and everything to fall into the near capacity cesspool, while King Heinrich and Count Ludwig watched from their stranded seats.
06:18 Over 900 years later, the Ereford-Latrine disaster remains the number one, number two disaster in human history.
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