The East African Rift: A Geologic Phenomenon that Will Shape the Future of Africa

TLDR The East African Rift is a fascinating geological phenomenon that is slowly splitting Africa into two continents. This rift is responsible for various unique features such as the Danakil Depression, the Omo Valley, and the Ngoro Ngoro Crater, and has the potential to create a new ocean or sea in the distant future.

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00:00 The East African Rift is a geologic phenomenon that will eventually split Africa into two continents.
02:15 The East African Rift is a result of the interaction between three or two tectonic plates, and it is responsible for many interesting geological formations in Africa.
04:14 The East African Rift consists of two sections, the Eastern Rift Zone and the Western Rift, which run parallel to each other on either side of Lake Victoria, and the plates are pulling apart at an average rate of 7mm per year, resulting in the formation of new cracks and chasms.
06:13 The Danakil Depression in Ethiopia is one of the hottest places on Earth and is home to sulfur springs, an open pool of lava, and an ancient salt harvesting industry, while the Omo Valley is inhabited by various tribes known for their traditional ways and body adornments, and the Eastern Rift in Kenya and Tanzania is characterized by tall peaks, including Mount Kenya and Mount Kilimanjaro, as well as national parks and game reserves.
08:07 The East African Rift is home to the Ngoro Ngoro Crater, the Great Migration of wildebeests, the Oldavai Gorge with fossils of ancient human ancestors, and a chain of rift lakes including Lake Victoria and Lake Tanganyika.
10:05 The East African Rift has the potential to become a geothermal powerhouse and will eventually reshape the map of Africa, forming a new continent in tens of millions of years.
12:06 The East African Rift will potentially result in the formation of new continents and a new ocean or sea between them.
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