The Discovery of Fire: How it Shaped Human Evolution

TLDR The discovery and use of fire by humans, dating back as far as 2 million years ago, played a crucial role in our evolution. Fire allowed for cooking food, expanding food sources, and enabling humans to migrate to every region on Earth, ultimately leading to the development of modern humanity.

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00:00 The discovery of fire is one of the key factors that separated humans from other apes and led to our modern existence.
01:33 The discovery of fire is not something that humans can take credit for, but rather it is about when people began to use, harness, and create fire.
03:04 The use of fire by humans can be traced back as far as 400,000 years ago, based on evidence found in the Kessim Cave in Israel, but it is possible that humans began using fire even earlier.
04:31 Evidence from the Wonderwork Cave in South Africa suggests that humans may have been using fire as far back as 2 million years ago, as they found evidence of fire deep in the cave that couldn't have occurred naturally, along with ash and stone tools in the same layer.
05:50 Cooking food with fire can be thought of as part of the digestive process, as it allows for more bio-available nutrients and energy from cooked food compared to raw food, and it also expanded the available food sources for humans.
07:16 The use of fire allowed humans to vastly extend their range of food sources and migrate to every region on Earth, making fire the reason why humans became intelligent in the first place.
08:36 Humans in Kessum Cave 400 years ago learned how to create fire from scratch, allowing them to roam farther without having to always bring fire with them, and fire became the basis for the development of modern humanity.
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