The Battle of Wakefield and the Rise of Margaret in the Wars of the Roses

TLDR The Battle of Wakefield was a significant event in the Wars of the Roses, resulting in the death of Richard of York and his son. Margaret, although historically inaccurate in Shakespeare's portrayal, emerges as a formidable and impressive character fighting for her son's claim to the throne.

Timestamped Summary

00:00 The Battle of Wakefield was a Wars of the Roses battle that took place on December 30, 1460, and marked Richard of York's last stand.
03:30 Richard of York, a descendant of Edward III, lays claim to the throne and becomes Lord Protector after Henry VI's breakdown, but his hopes are dashed when Henry recovers and has a son, leading to a renewed war between the Yorkists and the Lancastrians.
07:09 Richard of York and his son, Edmund, are killed in the Battle of Wakefield, their heads are put on display in York, and Richard becomes the object of mockery.
10:56 Shakespeare's portrayal of Margaret in Richard III is historically inaccurate but she is still a formidable and impressive character, fighting fiercely for her son.
14:41 Emperor Karl I, the successor to Franz Josef, is crowned with the Holy Crown of Hungary, symbolizing the personification of Hungary itself, despite being inexperienced and not knowing what he's doing.
18:06 Emperor Karl I is crowned in Budapest with the Holy Crown of Hungary, and despite his efforts to save Austria-Hungary during World War I, it becomes clear that the empire is unlikely to survive.
21:26 Emperor Karl I attempts to reclaim his throne in Hungary after the fall of the Austrian Hungarian Empire, but is met with resistance and ultimately forced to leave.
24:50 Emperor Karl I is considered better than Richard of York because he didn't launch a civil war and actually secured the crown, making him a victor in the end.
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