The Battle Against the Vikings and the Reign of Alfred the Great

TLDR The battle against the Vikings was a pivotal moment in the formation of England, with the reign of Alfred the Great playing a crucial role in shaping the country's history and language. Alfred's commitment to education and military prowess set him apart from other Anglo-Saxon kings, while the Vikings' raids on sacred sites and wealthy areas of England intensified their threat.

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00:00 The battle against the Vikings was a foundational moment in the creation of England and Englishness, and the reign of Alfred the Great was crucial in shaping the history and language of the country.
05:39 Alfred the Great's image and association with greatness was largely shaped by the Victorians, despite not being portrayed as such in the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle.
09:48 Alfred the Great's reign was marked by a sense of kinship and cooperation among the Anglo-Saxon kingdoms, as well as a strong devotion to Christianity.
14:50 Alfred the Great's father, Ethel Wolf, sends him to Rome at the age of four, where he is received by the Pope and bestowed with great honors, which has a lasting impact on Alfred's sense of Christian grandeur and kingship.
19:42 Alfred the Great's commitment to learning and education, alongside his military prowess, sets him apart from other Anglo-Saxon kings and contributes to his greatness.
24:30 The Vikings' raid on Lindisfarne in 793 is often seen as the beginning of their explosive entrance into history, but they had been raiding the southern coast of England since the mid-eighth century, with Lindisfarne being a particularly shocking target due to its sacred status as the shrine of St. Cuthbert.
29:53 The Vikings become more aggressive and start targeting all the strongholds of wealth in England, such as monasteries and royal centers, because England is rich and settled, and they can easily access these areas with their ships.
34:36 The Great Heathen Army captures Ayela, one of the Northumbrian kings, and supposedly performs the blood eagle on him, although the exact details and veracity of this event are uncertain.
39:30 The Vikings capture East Anglia and kill King Edmund, leading to the vulnerability of Wessex.
44:04 Alfred becomes king of Wessex and faces a new Viking force led by Guthrum, while the Vikings start overwintering in Mercia and build massive camps, causing humiliation for the Mercian kings.
48:53 Alfred is taken by surprise and flees into the dark, leaving the future of England hanging by a thread.
53:39 Alfred escapes the Viking attack on the hall, leaving behind a scene of destruction and death.
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