Operation Tannenbaum: The Planned German Invasion of Switzerland During World War II

TLDR Operation Tannenbaum was a plan by the Nazis to invade Switzerland during World War II, but Switzerland's robust defense and strategic preparations, along with the high cost and lack of offensive capabilities, ultimately deterred Hitler from carrying out the invasion.

Timestamped Summary

00:00 Operation Tannenbaum was the planned German invasion of Switzerland during World War II.
01:29 Switzerland, despite being neutral during World War II, was not passive and faced the threat of invasion from Germany due to their democratic values and diverse population.
02:47 Operation Tannenbaum was a plan by the Nazis to invade Switzerland and divide it into linguistic regions, with the French-speaking parts going to Vichy France, the Italian-speaking parts to Mussolini's Italy, and the German-speaking parts joining the Third Reich.
03:58 Switzerland, despite being neutral, had a robust defense and a population trained in military tactics, and their appointed general intended to fight to the death in the event of a German invasion.
05:16 Switzerland's plan, called Redoux Nationale, was to retreat into the mountains and force the Germans to fight on their terms, utilizing their wired explosives in bridges and tunnels as a strategic advantage.
06:29 Despite Switzerland's extensive preparations for defense, including the construction of bunkers and the mobilization of a large army, Hitler ultimately decided not to invade the country due to the high cost and lack of offensive capabilities.
07:38 Henry Goussan's strategy of making Switzerland unappetizing as a target for the Nazis worked, as evidenced by the fact that they never attacked and he was rated as the fourth greatest Swiss person in history.
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