Nigel Richards: The Unassuming Champion of Scrabble

TLDR Nigel Richards, a middle-aged and unimposing man, has become the greatest Scrabble player in history, winning numerous championships and titles in various languages, including French, despite not speaking the language.

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00:00 Nigel Richards is the greatest Scrabble player in history, with numerous championships and titles to his name.
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02:15 Nigel Richards is a middle-aged, unimposing man who rarely gives interviews and rarely shows emotion, but he is a champion Scrabble player.
03:27 Nigel Richards, despite not playing Scrabble until he was 28 and not being a particularly good student in English class, quickly became a competitive Scrabble player and has since won numerous championships around the world.
04:34 Nigel Richards is not only a highly skilled Scrabble player, but he has achieved his impressive records and rankings in the English language version of the game, despite there being many other language versions of Scrabble with their own competitive competitions.
05:44 Nigel Richards, a highly skilled Scrabble player, won the French Scrabble World Championships despite not speaking French by memorizing all 386,000 words in the French dictionary in just nine weeks before the tournament.
06:55 Nigel Richards, the French Scrabble Champion, has won numerous championships in various Scrabble formats, including all four titles in a single year, and his accomplishments are compared to Tiger Woods taking up tennis and winning Wimbledon the next year.
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