Exploring the Roman Empire and the Mystery of John F. Kennedy's Assassination

TLDR The host delves into the allure of the Roman Empire and the fascination with its ruins, while also expressing interest in witnessing the controversial assassination of John F. Kennedy.

Timestamped Summary

00:00 The host discusses the concept of time travel and mentions that if given the opportunity, he would choose to witness the assassination of John F. Kennedy due to the controversy and uncertainty surrounding the event.
02:27 People are still interested in the Roman Empire because it is seen as a grander time with impressive ruins and structures.
04:16 The reason we know so much about the Roman Empire is because a small percentage of what was written during that time has survived, unlike other ancient cultures.
06:22 You can buy legal scalped tickets at Lambeau Field in Eschewabonon, and if you wait until one hour before the game, the prices drop dramatically.
08:23 The host shares a story about a tuk-tuk driver in Siem Reap, Cambodia who took him to a temple near the border with Thailand, and they encountered some unknown men along the way.
10:28 The host does not plan on adding footnotes to the show because it is not meant to be an academic paper, but encourages listeners to fact check and correct any errors, and mentions that he would like to visit Houston and would be willing to live in any great city if he had to leave the USA.
12:27 The host discusses the improvements in audio quality and recording environment since starting the show, and mentions the possibility of re-recording older episodes with better sound quality and additional details.
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